Thank you! Update on our Fall Food Drive

UPDATE: Our Online Food Drive was a great success!
We thank everyone who supported our online food drive for the Rosie’s Place food pantry. We received $4500 in donations. That’s 4-1/2 times our original goal! Your generosity will help Rosie’s Place provide nutritious food to the 4000+ women and children who seek assistance each week.


Original Post:

Our West Roxbury Friends of Rosie’s Place virtual Food Drive to benefit the Rosie’s Place Food Pantry will take place online, August 31st to September 8th!

For over 39 years, West Roxbury Friends of Rosie’s Place has been supporting the important work accomplished by Rosie’s Place, the first women’s shelter in the United States. Rosie’s Place provides meals and shelter, but also offers wide-ranging support, including a food pantry.  They  rely solely on the generous support of individuals, foundations, and corporations and do not accept any city, state, or federal funding.

During the pandemic, Rosie’s Place has moved their food pantry to their parking lot in order to serve the larger number of women and families in need. Before COVID-19, Rosie’s Place provided groceries to 520 individuals each week. Now they are the lifeline for over 1,250 individuals weekly. The food pantry serves elderly women who are isolated by the pandemic and women with families of 4-5 people who depend on Rosie’s Place for their groceries. These numbers translate into food for more than 4,000 women and children every week.

With the higher demand for food, Rosie’s Place can no longer order enough nutritious food from the Boston Food Bank. Now, they must purchase additional food from retail stores. Please consider making a donation that will help provide groceries to those most in need during this unique and stressful time. Your donation, large or small, will make a difference and help us to reach our goal of $1000 for the Rosie’s Place food pantry.  

Thank you!